Video of the Week: Zombie Make-Up Tutorial
stephanie | Oct 17, 2012 | 12:30PM |

HEY GUYS HAVE YOU HEARD IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN??? We’re all about it. In all honesty, it’s BYT’s collective favorite holiday (goddamn heathens that we are) and some might even say we’re going a little overboard this year with (not one, not two, but) three BYT Halloween events. I’m all for big parties but I’ve got to level with you–tomorrow night’s H Street Zombie Takeover could take the cake.

We’re getting pumped to ramble down H Street, full of free shots of Bulleit Bourbon (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), some incredible eats and roughly one thousand drink specials. The best part of all? We’ll be surrounded by ZOMBIES. Hallow Inc., the folks behind Maryland’s first indoor urban haunted house, will be joining us and providing both zombies and some seriously scary zombie make-up for the willing.

We obviously had to check out what’s in store for tomorrow night and who better to give us some zombie make-up tips than Kiley Walker, Hallow Inc.’s very own cosmetics wizkid? Here are two terrifying looks you can do at home yourself (or have a pro do tomorrow night). AIM FOR THE HEAD:

BYT Video of the Week: Zombie Make-Up Tutorial from Stephanie Breijo on Vimeo.
Music: “No Brains for You, Zombie!” by BrySi available on iTunes.