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“Have you guys heard about these bees?”

It’s Marky Mark’s opening line in one of the worst movies of all time, though truth be told and horrible Shyamalan scriptwriting aside, bees are incredible creatures. Honey bees maintain incredible social structure within each hive, delegating and executing roles without verbal communication–in fact, they’re known to occasionally dance to convey a need for nectar. (And how cool is that?)

We joined The George Washington University Honey Bee Research and Beekeeping team–made possible by BYT fave Founding Farmers–for a look at urban beekeeping and the program’s 2012 honey harvest. Not only did we visit one of the largest rooftop apiaries in the country and  sample some delicious goods–we saw first-hand how sustainable practices can yield delicious results.

For the record, I personally sustained not a single bee sting despite wearing no protection, getting right up next to the hives for filming, etc. (Pro tip: no flailing allowed whenever you find yourself surrounded by bees).

To learn more about the team’s research and get a look at the bees yourself via 24-hour webcam, check out the project here. If this Video of the Week gives you a craving for some honey, try the gourmet cocktails and eats (infused with the honey you see in this very video!) available at Founding Farmers. Ready? Let’s go…

BYT Video of the Week: Urban Beekeeping, That’s A Thing from Stephanie Breijo on Vimeo.