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We love its tones, its textures, its weight and its flavor. We love the process and we love–absolutely, unequivocally–DC’s recent brew renaissance and embrace of all things wheaty, hoppy, thick and creamy when it comes to the stuff. And we know if anyone understands not only the sentiment but the art behind it, it’s the Neighborhood Restaurant Group.

And so we’re thrilled that Snallygaster, their annual “beer jamboree” and local-eats smorgasbord, is almost upon us. And since the October 13th event features four hours of over 150 beers and ciders, we decided to ask a pro how best to make it through the daunting beer list. (Don’t believe us? Check it out here.) We caught up with Greg Engert, Beer Director for Birch & Barley, on his 2012 Snallygaster Survival Guide.

Pro tips, ticket tricks, the best of each beer category, food, pairings, and finishing with a bang: all within. Godspeed.

Snallygaster from Stephanie Breijo on Vimeo.