Video of the Day: “The Office” is Filth
stephanie | Nov 28, 2012 | 4:00PM |

If you’ve been near the Internet in the last 48 hours, you may or may not have heard that yet another disgruntled “Two and a Half Men” actor is speaking out against the show and its quality. And can we blame them?

In the case of Charlie Sheen, I’m going to have to go with a solid “NO” on that one, because his public breakdown–be it legitimate, strictly a PR move or some combination thereof–was a stroke of brilliance that rocketed his name back to the spotlight. In the case of child-actor-cum-Christian Angus T. Jones (the titular “half” in the show), it’s a sticky subject due to the nature of his faith and the show being, let’s face it, less than entertaining. After Angus calling the show “filth” and claiming it is impeding on living a righteous Christian lifestyle, there have been a number of responses–though none quite as humorous as Rainn Wilson’s hilarious parody, speaking out against “The Office.”

But don’t watch this Youtube clip. It’s filth.