Video of the Day: The Magic School Bus Goes to Hell
stephanie | Nov 12, 2012 | 4:00PM |

Ah, the days of yore when The Magic School Bus and its motley crew of precocious and wisecracking schoolchildren would take off on adventures to outerspace. Remember that time the well-loved Ms. Frizzle taught the team about biology by shrinking everyone down to fit inside Arnold’s body? Or the time everyone piled in and visited the dinosaurs?

We’ve all grown and changed, as have the characters from the original series. Ms. Frizzle is dead. The gang is having trouble keeping it together. Until one day when the bus summons them for a trip to the depths of Hell to rescue their beloved teacher. Come along with us on this trailer we wish were real for a Magic School Bus Goes to Hell film, which we also desperately wish were real.