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If you didn’t get enough of the pre-Halloween scaries last year with Story District and The Bentzen Ball’s brilliant Horror Story show, fear not. Some of your favorite Story District friends will be back this year taking command(o) of the stage and telling stories about doing things without underwear on. Check out highlights from Story District’s very own Keith Mellnick and Sarah Weber serving up some spook at last year’s Bentzen Ball. Snag your Saturday night tickets here before they’re gone (like your underwear).

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber loves her siblings. It was charming in the “we all love demonic shit” sort of way last year. This year, she’ll be sharing that one time her brother wore her shorts without any underwear on. Siblings can share a lot of things, apparently.

Keith Mellnick

Last year, he told the tale of almost getting eaten by a wolf (and a dog, and a cow…). This year, you can offer emotional support to Keith Mellnick via laughs as he talks about going commando in a Ukranian sauna.