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Remember that incredible video for the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis single “Thrift Shop”? (We’re still obsessed, we admit it.)

Well yesterday they released a new amazing video–amazing in a completely different way that made us feel, well, a lot of feelings.

“Same Love ft. Mary Lambert” is, as you might have guessed, an anthem for equality. And what begins as Macklemore’s fear of himself being gay evolves into an enthusiastically pro-gay love song to every human. His near outrage at gender stereotypes, slurs and religious, political zeal for baptizing or preaching the homosexuality out of another human being is relatable and understandable at every turn.

And so this music video is everything it should be; heavy-handed, weighted with the full life of a human being born just like everyone else, who grows up to be discriminated against and (momentarily, at least) abandoned by parents who cannot come to terms with their son’s sexuality. There is life, symbolism, pain, triumph and love. The video measures the full spectrum of human emotional experience, which is exactly as it should be. We are all human.