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Svetlana, Peter and I are too busy with something that may or may not have to do with Gianni Versace and the ghosts of Italian diplomats to do the video this week. Enter, Jesse Bishop, Phd in Economics, a master in Party Information Systems, and the recipient of an honorary degree from the Now That’s What I Call Music Institute.

And today, you get not one- but TWO jams.

1. Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

First of all, this song is amazing. Somewhere along the way, did this song turned into something that people feel they aren’t “supposed to like”? Maybe because Blink-182 liked this band, and it became uncool to like Blink? I don’t know and it does not matter (Blink’s songs are great too, obv). This is an elite level pop song and it should be recognized as such. Then, add a video with the most wholesome-looking, least pervy underwear party ever filmed and you’re getting into classics territory. That party looks fun as hell – if some band were playing a song that cool at a party that fun, are you going to tell me you wouldn’t be psyched to be there?

2. Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

And in honor of her sold out Verizon Center performance tonight, let’s do the best video of 2009. Top-to-bottom excellence. Taylor is so convincing as an unattractive dork. Taylor is super campy as the “evil girlfriend”. The video climaxes at prom with a textbook “She’s All That” nerd makeover, and the guy ditches his girlfriend in one second. Tons of awesome cliches, all flawlessly executed and set to a killer song. Perfect