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There has yet to be a David Bowie bio pic. Since Tilda Swinton is still alive, she needs to star in the inevitable David Bowie bio pic. We have an idea of how this could work.

The 2007 Bob Dylan not really bio pic I’m Not There would have been better for an artist like Bowie. The film featured multiple actors portraying Bob Dylan, birth name Robert Zimmerman, throughout different aspects of his career. Bowie, like Dylan, was not born Bowie. David Jones is a different person than David Bowie. Bowie was a persona so it would make sense for different directors to tackle personas. Unlike I’m Not There, in this film Bowie will be portrayed by just one actor, Tilda Swinton, but with 6 different directors.


Let The Flight of the Conchords begin the picture with a musical montage that isn’t really about Bowie’s life. The truth doesn’t matter in this movie. As long as it’s funny and goes to outer space it’ll work.


David Bowie and Iggy Pop were friends. Without Bowie, Iggy might have been a footnote to punk rock rather than its godfather. Their collaborations in Berlin changed music and was a creative high water mark for both. So was appearing on Dinah! in 1977. The 70s decade should be tackled by day time television talk show directors.



Let Tarantino take a crack at explaining the most confusing of all Bowie decades. From gigantic MTV hits to starring alongside Jim Henson creations, early decade coke use led to late decade cleanliness, Tarantino could have a field day stealing from other filmmakers while using Bowie music.



Remember when Bowie went industrial? He did and it wasn’t that bad. His 1997 video for “I’m Afraid of Americans” was nominated for the MTV Video Music Award for Best Male Video. Its video was directed by Dom and Nic. This duo directs commercial videos and are the team behind the video for The Chemical Brothers’ “Setting Sun”. That video is excellent. Now imagine it with Tilda Swinton as David Bowie. You’ll learn nothing but be entertained. It’s David Bowie’s music from the 90s.


Ricky Gervais and David Bowie were very funny together. Ricky Gervais could just recreate this scene with Tilda as David.


Floria Sigismondi directed this 2013 video. Let her end the movie. It’ll be a happy ending.