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This Saturday, from 3-8PM, BYT would like to invite you to PRANCIN’, a Derby Day bash that promises to be just as fun, but far cleaner, than Infield. Have you bought tickets yet? There will be live ponies for your petting pleasure (just don’t be weird about it alright?) an open bar with a variety of different takes on the mint julep for you to imbibe, lots of delicious food, much musical entertainment, and some great surprises you’ll find out about once you get there.

Oh, and look at all these celeb bartenders that are coming –

Rachel Sergi – Buffalo and Bergen
Brendan McMahon – Beuchert’s Saloon
JP Fetherston – Rappahannock River Oysters
Alex Bookless – The Passenger
Julia Hurst – Hogo
Sam Babcock – Range

Yeah you don’t have to say it, we all know; it’s gonna be fantastic.

In honor of Derby Day and all of the festivities that accompany it, we bring you this magnificent tutorial on how to make your very own mint julep! You’re going to want one after watching this, luckily there will be PLENTY for everyone this Saturday.