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PAPERCUTS are playing Black Cat tonight and I had the best intentions to do a listening party with them but touring schedules, spotty internet et al got in the way. But, we’re huge fans of Jason Robert Quavell’s “marching band on Quaaludes” vibe and wanted to still give it some sort of a shout out in hopes of urging you all to make your way to 14th street tonight (after all chance are that this week’s Top Chef finale will not be the Top Chef finale-AGAIN). So we went to youtube to look for a song to perfectly express their atmospheric, gentle shoegaze and as I typed in PAPERCUTS, the first thing that popped up was the decidedly non-gentle PAPERCUTS vocal by the late and great Trish Keenan on Broadcast’s song of the same name.

So I figured-why not, why not book-end these two so we can all appreciate the subtleties of what still may fall under the same genre (so to speak). But seriously-go to the Black Cat tonight, you won’t regret it.

so here is Broadcast’s PAPERCUTS (gloriously loud in a loud way)

and Papercuts’ DO WHAT YOU WILL (gloriously loud in an unloud way)