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T-3 days until the start of the event you’ve been waiting for: The Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival. To make the time between now and the best weekend of your life go by a bit faster, we’re sharing some videos of the incredible acts that’ll be taking the stage. Today we’re highlighting our Big Terrific show with the amazing Jenny Slate, Max Silvestri, and Gabe Liedman. This is going to be way better than whatever else you had planned Saturday night so get your tickets now before you miss your chance.

Jenny Slate

You’ve seen in on SNL, Parks and Rec, The Kroll Show and countless other places. Now hear the voice of Marcel the Shell decode what your girlfriend is saying.

Max Silvestri

If you’re still calling your parents every time you have to balance your checkbook, you might want to take some advice from Max Silvestri as he teaches you how to master adulthood.

Gabe Liedman

Get your tissues out because you’re about to be laughing so hard you cry while watching Gabe’s standup on The Pete Holmes Show.