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Video/words/general Spring excitement: Stephanie Breijo

SPRING IS IN THE AIR. And while we’d all love to frolic/picnic/embrace the hell out of this season, most of us have to spend some time indoors doing a little thing called, oh, work. But don’t let the office put a damper on your fun. We teamed up with the ever-so-fashionable ladies of Pleatherette, photographer extraordinaire Dakota Fine, and five lovely models to bring you the best Spring wardrobe to wear to work. Accessories, neons, menswear, maxi skirts, blazers, you name it, we got it, pulling from D.C.’s best boutiques.

When is this feature running?, you might ask. The answer is Monday, but here’s a little video to prep you/get you as pumped as we are. Ready? Let’s go…

BYT Behind the Scenes Spring Workwear 2012 from BYT Media on Vimeo.