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we are using (and abusing) the unique, once a year Valentine’s opportunity, and declare our love for the city as loudly and proudly as possible.

So we did what had to be done: we got in touch with our favorite reason why we love DC (THE PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE) and asked them to write to us about 5 reasons why THEY love dc.

second part of DC love week ensues…..

read part one here

eating,drinking, and being merry in dc…..with love:
Eat your heartache away (without getting heartburn)

1…Amsterdam Falafel—Falafel (duh)
2…Thaitanic—Drunken Noodles w/Tofu
3…Wonderland—French Toast
4…El Tamarindo—Black Bean Burrito
5…Jyoti—Vegetable Biryani

Drown your loneliness (without draining your bank account).

1…El Tamarindo—Margarita Pitcher
2…Wonderland—Stella Artois (in a pint glass)
3…The Black Cat—Jameson Shot
4…The Raven—PBR Bottle
5…Tryst—Rioja (in a rocks glass)


Dear Brightest Young Things: I am sorry to let all of you know this, but I am in love with Washington, DC.
It’s a love hate relationship. Unlike New York City, Washington DC is like a lost dog. If you have a one-night stand, you and three of your girlfriends can bond over the fact that he’s got a curvy penis.
The lost dog part comes in when the itching doesn’t go away. (Just messing with you.)
Haha. But I digress…

1. Trei Ramsey DC’s best security.
He is a blanket that you want to snuggle up to every time you see him except he could kill you with one finger. This guy, ladies and gentlemen, is all the rage. This is probably the guy that you see at Café Saint-Ex on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights downstairs at Gate 54 ensuring that nobody gets hurt. He is a “bouncer” but more so he is great at raging, drawing, and making music.

2. Al Fishaway Cafe
If you live in DC and you have no political conviction and possess apathy for world events, nothing can be said about you. This is a FREE information resource dedicated to ending violence, corruption, immorality, abuse, ignorance, etc. This is a touring hardcore band’s utopia and the encouragement pause point for expression and creativity.

3. Joseph Pattisall Joseph
is infamous for being the director for hardcore bands in the early 90s through present such as Striking Distance and Damnation A.D. If anything was documented on video, it probably belongs to Joseph. Inspiration through camera lens exists. See proof on http://www.youtube.com/josephpattisall.

4. Canvasface.com
You’ve all heard the term, “saving face.” Columbia Heights talent Ashley May saves faces, literally. Thanks to her, our city has better-looking broads at any/all fashion events now… MORE THAN EVER. You can get your hair did and your nails done, but you’re nothing without Ashley May.

5. Beat Tactics DC
Representing the finest in underground and instrumental hip hop, as well as funk, soul, jazz, etc, Beat Tactics has harnessed the power of the internet to share the love for this music with a world wide audience. You can find creators and founders Matt Folan and Art Soodsamai at a satellite location between the undisclosed Green Metro stops. In closing, I’d like to say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” to the city and my own boo for a day(You’re hot. I want to bake you a pie and give you a back rub.). Last honorable mentions include Old Bay Waffle Fries, Puppy Dogs, and the Bad Brains.

Thank you. Your Lady Friend, Holly Le

El Chico’s “Top 5 Things I Love About DC”

In no particular order because I could not be bothered. Actually, I was too busy, “going to meetings” and being a “consultant”.

1. Pupusas! (poo-POO-saw).
Thank you El Salvador for making it impossible for your people to survive back home and thus forcing them to emigrate to the States whereupon they have introduced us to the effin deliciousness that is the pupusa. If I ever see an anti-immigration person enjoying a plate of the dreams that are “pupusas de loroco” or “de queso,” I reserve the right to punch you in the f*cking heart and then finish the rest of your native Salvadorean delight.

2. E Street Cinemas and the AFI.
Holy shizzle, I was afraid that, in a debate, I would not be able to defend myself on my next trip to NYC when arguing that Inland Empire is indicative of Lynch’s madness or that the language spoken in Lower City is in fact Portuguese, and not Spanish. Film Forum and Angelika, suck it!

3. Architecture.
And this doesn’t include the “U Street Corridor” or “The Golden Triangle”. As much disdain as I hold for the people inhabiting those Georgetown, Dupont and Kalorama manses (which might include my family), I am in love with the architecture found in this city. And yes, the monuments can be quite captivating; well, except for that weird new Air Force Memorial crystal ball holder. But that’s in VA anyway. And VA is certainly not part of DC (that includes Rosslyn, folks).

4. Public Transport.
Watch your visiting friends “ooh” and “ahh” at the convenience provided by the WMATA. If you hate buses then you might as well live in NoVA and own a car. If you can’t stand metros then take a cab. If you can’t afford a cab then get a bike. If you don’t want to be mistaken by a messenger then, yes, definitely move back to NoVA, you bridge-and-tunnel.

5. The Black Cat

Honorable Mention:

The Hirshhorn. If the Hirshhorn were to get into a fight with the rest of the Smithsonian gang, he would f*cking destroy them. But I don’t want the Hirshhorn to get into a fight because then the Hirshhorn would get locked up and we wouldn’t be able to attend the Hirshhorn anymore. Hirshhorn, please don’t ever get into a fight and f*cking destroy the rest of the Smithsonian gang! Please, don’t.

Happy Valentine’s Day, DC, Mon Amour!

5 Reasons Why I love DC
by me.

1. When it is the middle of winter and colder than a witch’s tittie in a brass bra, you can whisk yourself away to tropics by visiting the United States Botanical Gardens. Do wonders for your skin by rotating between the jungle and the world desert rooms. Cheaper than a spa and a better date than a flip cup tourney.

2. Removed from the American Art Museum, the Renwick Gallery is the redheaded stepchild of the Smithsonian. Located across
the street from the White House, the Renwick is actually DC’s first museum. While it was originally
built to house the personal art collection of William Corcoran, it nowfocuses on arts and crafts from the late 19th to the 21st centuries. Rarely crowded (never say never), it is worth going to just for “Ghost Clock” alone not to mention the traveling exhibits (Hello Art Deco serviceware!) Function in art…. Clearly I am a fan.

3. The (New) Big Wong. (610 H Street NW) It may not be the best Chinese restaurant ever. It may not have the most eclectic décor. But it does have good food on the cheap. Mostly I love it because I used to go there all the time with my mother when I was a child and I am amazed and grateful that even 20 years later, it is still around.

4. Total cop out answer (Stop judging me!)… but I just love the 10 block radius. For those who aren’t in the know, the 10
block radius is my hood and I try to work with in its confines. Besides being where most of my friends live, it encompasses: The Black Cat, Tacos Pepitos, Amsterdam Café, Riggs Street (my favorite street in the city followed closely by
Swann after the ginkgo leaves have dropped), and honestly, the list just goes on forever.

5. The thing that really impresses me most about DC is the people (Vom!) Seriously serious though. After spending so long in a
place where apathy was the norm, it is truly refreshing to see people take pride in their city.

top five heart bout d.c. things –

5 bloody marys on 18th
4 screwdrivers on mt pleasant
3 ben’s chili cheese halfsmoke
2 masonic rites / sacrifices of th virgin ladies drink free night on thursdays
1 art museum security officers

er … how’s that?

the saga continues tomorrow. can you even bear all the love to come?