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It’s the final count down, just ten short days until Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, this is one night that procrastination will not yield better results and reservations are going SUPER fast so you better hop to it. To make things easier we’ve compiled a list of great restaurants that still have openings at reasonable dinner hours.


  • 523 8th Street SE

Grab your boo and head over to Ambar. This unique restaurant (located right around the corner from Eastern Market) specializes in Balkan cuisine. Their regular menu is awesome, highlighting great seafood, cheesy flat breads and hearty veggies. If you so choose, Ambar is offering a special prix fixe Valentine’s Day menu along with bottomless Champagne ($20 with a 2 hour limit, so sorta bottomless).



  • 3241 M ST NW

Bandolero is the spot for a badass couple that isn’t afraid to be a little rough. Their raw, skull ornamented decor mirrors a lot of their sharp tequila specialty drinks. The two of you will be all over each other after a couple cocktails (the Jesus Malverde, God bless it, is a MUST) and tacos. All the tacos.


Beacon Bar and Grill

  • 1615 Rhode Island Ave. NW

For its Valentine’s Day menu, the Beacon has prepared dishes featuring famous historic couples. You can start off with a John & Jacqueline Kennedy clam and potato chowder and move over to Bonnie and Clyde jailhouse jelly donuts for dessert. It’s cute, fabulous and romantic. A big win.

Bistro Bis

  • 15 E Street, NW

It’s on the pricier side, but it is both elegant and French. What with its location on the Hill and wide selection of wines, you’ll be wooing your date for hours on end.

Café Dupont

  • 1500 New Hampshire Ave. NW

If Paris is the city of love then doesn’t it just make sense to eat French food on Valentine’s Day? Maybe? Well you’re in luck because Cafe Dupont has some openings. With great ambiance and notable brunch specials, dinner should be even better.

Chef Geoff’s Downtown

  • 1301 Pennsylvania Ave., NW

Need gluten free? Specializing in contemporary American food, Chef Geoff’s has an extensive menu for anyone and everyone. Bring the kids, celiac sister or drunk best friend if you don’t have a date. Geoff’s other locations have different availabilities if the Downtown location doesn’t openings at a time of your convenience.

Cuba Libre

  • 801 9th Street NW

Spice it up a little and visit Cuba Libre this Valentine’s Day. Why? The place turns into a poppin’ dance floor post-dinner–and if the sexy atmosphere didn’t turn your date on enough, drunken dancing certainly will. Their “Love Story” theme is sure to be more exciting than T-Swift’s song version. 



  • 3435 Connecticut Avenue

Dino is Cleveland Park’s little Italian secret. Offering a special “Festa di san Valentino” menu filled with their best selections, the authenticity will transport you and your date. Impress your lover with this hidden treasure and you’ll definitely feel that amor.

Eatonville Restaurant

  • 2121 14th St NW

Looking for a spot to keep Valentine’s Day low-key but still enjoy a night out? Eatonville is Andy Shallal’s, of Busboys and Poet’s fame, homage to Zora Neale Hurston. Not forcing a prix fixe menu, Eatonville will have some Valentine’s Day specials with no strings attached.

The Hamilton

  • 600 14th St. NW

Opting to serenade their guests with the best of the Beatles love songs, The Hamilton is a sweet Valentine’s Day choice. Fun, relaxed and  tasty, your date will be blushing before the bread basket is dropped. 



  • 1110 Vermont Ave. NW

Lincoln, home of small plates and interesting mixed drinks, will be hosting an interesting “His and Her” menu for Valentine’s Day. The prix fixe menu has preselected “His” and “Her” plates within each course. You don’t have to be a him or her to select a dish obviously, but I guess it helps those who suffer from indecisiveness.


  • 1732-1734 Connecticut Ave. NW

Aphrodite and Eros would want you to take your date to Mourayo. The traditional Greek spot knows what’s up when it comes down to the classical plates. Moussaka, scrumptious orzo with lamb and squash keftedes are just a few options that will have the two of you head over heels. 


  • 600 14th St. NW

MXDC is a newish upscale Mexican located down the street from the Obamas. So take a romantic stroll by the grande Blanca Casa and then stop by MXDC for drinks and savory Crab Guacamole. Si, it’s a muy buena idea.


  • 701 9th St NW

If you’re willing to eat at 4pm or 11:30pm, you’re in luck! Who says you can’t have a late lunch and a late dinner?