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We began the Dream Jukebox series in 2015. I picked 50 albums perfect for a 100 CD jukebox and had 50 artists and writers I like pick 50 albums. We published entries 00-49 of Volume 2. V.V. Lightbody continues entries 50-99.

56 V.V. Lightbody Bathing Peach

V.V. Lightbody makes pleasant music with guitar, vocals and flute. Flute. Flute on a record in 2018. Flutes calm people. You know who may need to calm down? People drinking in a bar. Not everyone drinks for good reasons. V.V. Lightbody’s 2018 release Bathing Peach is full of calming music, especially “Fish in Fives”.

Just because the music is calming doesn’t mean the songs are positive or light. “Maja” and “Jawbones,” the songs that get stuck in your head after listening in headphones, are neither are positive or light.

V.V. Lightbody’s Pick

57 Floating Action Floating Action

This is one of my go-to albums for when I feel sad, when I feel in love, when I feel nostalgic. The songs are catchy and remind me of being on tour in the fall – my old band used to listen to this quite frequently in the van. The lo-fi drum sounds (often times sounding like they just picked up whatever was in the room) get me every time!  “To Connect” is a perfect song, in my opinion. It has this shuffling snare paired with a beautiful slide guitar line, and the chorus harmonies are on point! It sounds like they had a lot of fun making this record, there are new sounds and instruments appearing all the time. And it also sounds like they did it in their living room, which I also am fond of!

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Feature photo by Nicolette Nunez