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Side Note: BYT decided to drink less and do more other things in January. So, we saw some movies, dammit.

And by some we mean a LOT:

so, here’s what we spent 10 dollars on, and you may want to do so too ( or not)

(also, please do feel free to send us your reviews, we WILL publish).

Notes on a scandal (2006) : I mean we would KILL for Cate Blanchett and we are predictably mortified of Judi Dench. And that Zoe Heller book it was based upon was good, even if no one in America read it. The movie is good old over-the-top melodrama, with enough screaming, bad decisions and occasional overacting to keep you on your toes for a while. The score, be warned tho, is sooooooooo out of control, that it makes you laugh when, well, maybe you should cry. And we would marry Bill Nighy, In a second. Just saying.

“Last King of Scotland (2006): Forrest Whitakker Just won a Golden Globe for this and NO ONE is more deserving. The man that directed “Waiting to exhale” gives the most terrifying performance of (possibly) the 2000s as Idi Amin (who like all truly scary characters ACTUALLY lived and ruled), Kerry Washington proves once again she is the best motion picture wife there is ( see also “Ray) and James McAvoy steps out of his furry costume from Narnia to emerge oddly attractive and a solid competitor for the “Zach Braff nose we love award of 2006”. A political movie that barely mentions politics. OUR THUMBS ARE SOOOOOO UP THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO ESCAPE OUR HANDS.

Painted Veil (2006) : Here is a classy and intelligent movie venture if there ever was one. Everything in this is IMMACULATELY PEDIGREED: The Somersett Maugham source material, Edward Norton adapting and relishing his oriental studies educational background, and also spear heading a fine cast that understands their characters. Also participating in this story of hate and then love in the time of Cholera (in China): a delicate Naomi Watts and pitch perfect Liev Schrieber. Bring kleenex.

Perfume: The story of a murderer”(2006): The much anticipated adaptation of Patrick Suskind novel arrives with a bang: Tom Tykver (of “Run Lola Run” fame and a man seriously obsessed with red hair, if you as us) delivers a story of a man with only his nose as a moral compass (and not a very good compass at that). A story as lush and dark as the perfume he is so (Deadly) making. Recommended for big screen viewing, tho prepare yourself for bad hygene that abounds (because not all smells are good ones, right?). Ben Whishaw is winning as the titular man child. Natch

“Miss Potter” (2006). Of course the story of Beatrix Potter (writer of “Peter the Rabbit”) was directed by the man that brought us “Babe”. The movie, dammit, is a delight. A slightly sachharine one at that but a delight none-the-less. Even the usually-sour Renee Zellwegger emerges victorious, with Ewan McGregor doing his fumbling ebst to keep up as her publisher/suitor and Emily Watson stealing the show (as she always does). Bunnies, Hedgehogs, Ducks and enchanting British landscapes a bonus. This one also-a cryer.


next on the agenda: Pan’s Labyrinth and hopefully finally catching up with Little Children