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In which we make Rebekah try something new every week.
Which come to think of it, may become a problem soon…………………………………….so,without further a do:

When Svetlana and I started discussing the ins & outs
of introducing a new product testing column to BYT,
we agreed that the first installment would have to involve an item that was hilarious and/or terrifies
you know something to get our faithful readers coming back for more.

So Monday night I was sitting down, pen in hand, trying to describe my experiences with the spotted dick fiasco (WHICH, you must agree would have been both hilarious and/or terrifying) when I was forcibly removed from my reality and sucked into the world of The Ri¢hes. I was instantly enamored and knew I had to share my enthusiasm with the world! Now does a television show qualify as a product? Debatable. But The Ri¢hes it is definitely something being sold and I totally bought into it. Maybe it was sheer laziness but I like to think of it as divine intervention.

The Ri¢hes follows a family of gypsies (the Malloys) that roam the US in Winnebagos. After being involved in a deadly game of car chicken, The Malloys attempt the ultimate con — “stealing the American dream” — by taking over the lives of a recently decease couple. Starring Minnie Driver (the newly paroled heroin addicted mother of 3) and Eddie Izzard (the surprisingly non-cross dressing head of the Malloy family — although the 7 year old son does like to wear his sister’s dresses), the show equally delights and horrifies.

Check it out on FX, Mondays @ 10pm.