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US Royalty is headlining a show @ RNR this Saturday (with FFFever, Bear Hands and Blonde Acid Cult providing the completely awesome audio support). We are the copresenting/sending good vibes/etc part of the deal. You can STILL win some tickets for it here.

Our US royalty love is as big as a house (as this proves) so our intrepid AV team set out to record some live sessions with them to mark the occasion.

“Every summer” and “Raincoats” await:

BYT Sessions: US Royalty – Every Summer from Svetlana legetic on Vimeo.


BYT Sessions: US Royalty – Raincoats from Svetlana legetic on Vimeo.

Video: Dave Adams, Pablo Durana, Ryan Wakeman
Editing: Chris Tuss
Audio: Rodrigo Salvatierra

previous live sessions can be seen here:

+ Stewart Lupton
+ French Kicks
+ Ravens and Chimes
We hope you love these as much as we do.

See you @ RNR Hotel on Saturday