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This week, Canadian rapper ShaqIsDope was kind enough to answer some brief questions about his latest project and what he’s up to in Toronto. But don’t take my word for it [Lavar Burton voice], click the cool videos below to hear more.

NAME: ShaqIsDope

CITY: Toronto, Canada

NEW PROJECT: Sophomore Season



How is Sophomore Season different than your previous work?

Sophomore season is different from my previous work because it is my introduction to fans and showcasing what I can do.

Can you talk a little about “Varsity Jacket” and the video?

Varsity Jacket was a record about me talking to these label and telling them what I can do and how I can compete with the top artist today. The video was inspired by Ray Allen “He Got Game” movie.


There are a lot talented rappers coming out of Toronto recently, what do you attribute this to?

For me, what I attribute to this is my lyricism and my story. Not everyone’s story is the same, so I have a lot of topics I can touch on and great songs I can create.

Can you talk a little about 2UP and the video?

2UP was about my movement and basically our mission and what were about to let the fans know that rep. The video shot in Queens , Ny & Crown heights Brooklyn.


What’s next for you? 

What’s next for Shaqisdope ? A lot of things working on my new project untitled yet but 75% done and also a boat load of music videos I’m planning to take over 2013.