UP&UP: Phil Da Phuture
Steven | Nov 9, 2012 | 11:15AM |

ARTIST: Phil Da Phuture


NEW MIXTAPE: Louder Than You


I just wanted to show everyone where I was coming from and show the type of lifestyle we live. Really, all people knew was “Dope Moves” and maybe some other freestyles, but nobody had really heard a body of work from me. I wanted people to get a sense for the of type of talent that I have.”

Do What I Do – Phil Da Phuture (Ft. Fat Trel)

“Mistress was produced by a guy named Freebase Face—he’s a native of DC. I’m not sayin’ everyone has a mistress, a main, or wife or something like that, but it was just something I could relate to and the beat really caught me once I heard it with the Waka sample. It was nice, so I did my thing on there.”

Mistress – Phil Da Phuture

For ‘Your Mouth’ I just wanted to come up with a creative way to talk about that subject—that subject of a woman giving oral sex. I didn’t want to go and say it straight out. So, you know, it could mean I love the things coming out your mouth, like the way you treat me, the way you talk, and all of that. But in reality it can also mean I love how you use your mouth [laughs]. It was just something clever that I came up with.”

Your Mouth – Phil Da Phuture

Right now, at this point with hip-hop in DC, it’s looking good. It’s looking better than it’s ever looked from what I can tell. I haven’t been on the scene for that long, but just looking at how it is now I think we’re in a good position. We get a lot of good looks, Wale’s out the door, Fat Trel is making his moves, 368, like everybody is getting looks. I think in the next two years it’s going to take off. It’s gunna be like Atlanta, but we just have to come together, you know? That’s what everyone did—from LA, Atlanta, Chicago—all the people that were underground and coming up were all on the same records together and when they went on tour they all had shows together. DC needs to do that more and in a better way instead of putting people down. – Phil Da Phuture

Smoke Good – Phil Da Phuture (Ft. Raheem Devaughn)

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