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Artist: Ophelia Cache

New EP: All Things Blue

City: Brooklyn, New York


“There aren’t really any female R&B singers doing it among young people. Brand and Monica are out again, but I don’t really feel like they are reaching people in the same way. I am trying to corner that audience. Nikki kind of made it cool for girls to rap and we’re seeing a lot more female rappers, which is great, but female R&B is different.”

03-Ophelia Cache-Too Fast by Ophelia Cache

“For females, it’s been like if you’re not Beyonce then you aren’t doing it. Even Rhianna, she’s crushing the market now, but even she had to go super pop and get on a lot of other tracks for that to really happen on her own. The industry has just really pounded that type of sound, but I think that’s just starting to be broken. Even with people like Adele who are making a different sound. Females aren’t really putting out  different vocal sounds—women sing beautifully!—but I don’t think they are creatively trying to pursue something different. So that’s why I’m excited about my project. I hope it draws you in with a different sound and then you stay for the lyrics.”

Do You Know by Ophelia Cache

“This EP  just tells one big big story. It’s a progression: a guy meets a girl at a party, they have sex, he breaks her heart, and then there is trouble. Songs like ‘Too Fast’ are about falling for some one really hard, then ‘Sick’ is about that feeling when things move too fast, it doesn’t work out, and then you are depressed as shit. – Ophelia Cache

Sick by Ophelia Cache

Artist: Chill Will

Tracks: The Famous Time Out, You Know How We Do It, Detlef Schrempf, Charcoal

City: Seattle, Washington


“When you look at the Bakersclub, it might not make sense on paper, but you really have to take it in all together for it to be effective.”

Chill Will – The Famous Time Out (Produced by Scarface) by Chill Will

In the Bakersclub it’s ill because we all have our different sounds—it’s not something pre-determined—it just naturally happened being from different locations. Whenever I approach material I want to release, I just try to be myself. I just do the shit that I like and with each of us doing that, it really brings out a new flavor. Yea that flavor in rap right now, but it kind of isn’t.”

Chill Will – You Know How We Do It by Chill Will

“Since the beginning of the rap era, it’s always been about culture. This point that we’re at right now, it’s not so much lacking, but you can never have too much culture. There is always that new flavor, there is always that new sound that you can add to. That’s what rap is built off of. There is never a determined set sound for rap because people sample anything from rock to jazz.”

Chill Will – Detlef Schrempf (Produced by Raz Fresco) by Chill Will

We’re like a capsule of everything. We got Lo Thraxx from the South. We got P. Blackk from Ohio. We got Dime the Don from New York and Raz and everyone else is from Canada. Everyone represents part of what music is and together that’s what the Bakersclub is. As a group that is naturally diverse, that’s the only thing that hasn’t been touched on yet. Pause.– Chill Will

Chill Will – Charcoal by Chill Will


Artist:Black Zheep/DZ

New Video: Maggie Simpson

City: Baltimore Maryland

“Basment rap isn’t about the best quality, but we make the best out of it. It’s that basement sound of coming from the bottom. It’s our own genre and a way we look at our music–it’s nobody else’s. It’s our own style, our own feel, it’s our own story to tell.

Flava (Prod. by Jujuan Allen) by BlackZheepDZ

“Baltimore has a different sound. There are a lot of artists here, but I think it has to be the right artists to create that sound. Everybody is always on to another style that someone else is using. In Baltimore, it’s kinda hard to get creative with it and get away from all that. It’s kinda like a standing out thing. DC has their own sound with Go-Go, Baltimore has club music, but what else are we known for? That’s pretty much it. We’re out here trying give Baltimore a sound.– Black Zheep/DZ

Gold Bimmer ft. C by BlackZheepDZ