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ARTIST: Locke Kaushal





“Blu Sky Part II came about because earlier this year in June I released a track entitle Blu Sky. I did a video for that track and about a week later I ran into this producer at Guitar Center and he was like ‘Hey I produce and make beats’ so right there he played me some stuff and one of the tracks he played was the same Mr. Blu Sky sample but it had a totally different and had a darker feel to it. I was like this would be crazy—since I just released the video for Blu Sky—if I could go ahead and do a Blu Sky Part II and release the audio and a video for it.”


The reason why I think [my new project] is different from A Drunken Man’s Words is because it still has the same wittiness and the same story telling aspect. But, since I released my last tape in 2011, I think I have matured a lot more and have gone through a lot more in life period. So, of course as you mature as a person your music or your craft will mature as well. The reason I can’t give too much away is because the entire project tells a story and each track tells a story which fits into the greater project.”

Oxford 64 by Locke Kaushal

About 2 or 3 years ago I got that beat from one of my close friends and I immediately knew based on the sample itself—with those hard strings— that I wanted to create a song that was going to bring about the same feeling and emotions as the beat itself gave but with my words. I had just finished the autobiography of Malcolm X and I was watching some of his speeches on YouTube and there was one speech that really touched me and it happened to be a speech that he gave at oxford university in 1964. So I ripped the vocals off the speech—mind you the speech is like 15 minutes long—so I  go through chopping up my favorites parts of the speech and I laid them over the beat and they flowed perfectly. I didn’t have to speed them up or slow them down at all and it ended up fitting perfectly, so I ran with it.

Alchemist by Locke Kaushal

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