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Up&Up is a new post that features new music with insight from the artists themselves.

Artist: Butch Dawson

City: Baltimore

Out This Week: Protection, Basement Rap feat. DZ, & prod. DirtyEast feat. Soduh x Icce x Ccaveman


“When you think of Baltimore you don’t really think about Hip-Hop. You think about New York and Cali,  but Baltimore is on the come up. The hustle is different. In Cali you got a different hustle, in New York you got a different hustle, but we have something different. Our hustle is a continuous hustle—we are hungry.

“When I was younger I was rapping over a lot of those [Baltimore Club] beats. But at the same time, we still have a unique sound. I think that influenced me because that was what I grew up on and that was the culture, but I just wanted to go down a different lane with our music and show people that this is something new they can talk about.


“It’s a free sound. We’re going through our reign in the Baltimore scene. We’re trying to build up our own genre. Our music was undefined, so we defined it. It’s our shitour own shit.” – Butch Dawson

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