UP&UP: BriskInTheHouse
Steven | Nov 16, 2012 | 11:03AM |

ARTIST: BriskInTheHouse

CITY: Toronto

NEW MIXTAPE: Briskinthehouse: Is Searching For Satorii


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“Ima be honest with you b, I wrote this shit in one day. I recorded it later, but I don’t know where the inspiration came from. I didn’t smoke, drink, or pray, it just happened when I heard these beats. I looked at my YouTube inbox and my man hollered at me—and normally I don’t even get back to people who want to send me beats because it’s never my style or something like that—but I don’t know, I guess the spirit just wanted me to work that out. One day I just wrote the whole thing in one shot. From track one to track twelve.”

Seltzerr – BriskInTheHouse

They say music is the only form of energy that enters your subconscious without your permission. It gets in people’s minds and they never forget. Nowadays, music—and personally I don’t really listen to rap—but based off what I heard before, the music is mad negative. It just doesn’t sound good to me. As far as the spirituality, I just use it to try to better people.”

SilkDough – BriskInTheHouse

“I make music and I do my thing, but it’s almost secondary to me—not in a bad way—but I do other things. I try to drop knowledge on people, but in other ways too. I study a lot. This is a messed up world we live in, so I do whatever I can to help people’s lives, you know? That [generosity] isn’t in people in general, so I wouldn’t expect it to be in rap. People don’t realize how powerful music is.”

RainbowwPatterns – BriskInTheHouse

“That album right there is an experience with sound. You don’t just pick one track and listen to it, you play it from one to twelve. I keep it straight to the point. It’s all about lyricism. People forgot about lyrics around here to make people dance. I’m not here to brag about nothing, I just want to keep it real. That shit is just an experience with sound—a whole world of experience.” – BriskInTheHouse