UP&UP: 100dBs & Ryan-O’Neil
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ARTIST: UP&UP: 100dBs & Ryan-O’Neil

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CITY: Brooklyn

NEW ALBUM: Tea & Spliffs


“The process of making of this album was like, dBs would give me a real bare bones version of the beat—the way they sound now is never how they sound when I write to them—sometimes I just write to a snare ddrum and a sample. The way I write, I don’t really think of titles, I just kind of right and pick a word from the track and make it the title. If there is anything I want people to pay attention to, it is the beats—they are hot. Each song has two or three sample all going on at different times, which is cool, but also listen to some of the things that I’m saying.

A lot of my references aren’t really things you’d hear from a lot of rappers out there. I don’t really talk about cars or any specific clothing brand. Actually, there is only one song I mention a clothing brand and it’s about how I try not to adhere whatever society is doing and to just do my own thing. Being genuine is something I have that I think a lot of rappers don’t show.”

“There is just one sound. Everyone sounds the same to me. I can’t tell any rappers apart aside from the super stars. I’ve been a big Kanye fan for awhile, but I feel like he has set a standard now that other rappers just try to emulate. If there is anything I want to change about the scene, it is try to switch up the sound—it doesn’t have to be my sound—but it would be nice if rap were more diverse and d didn’t sound just one way.” – Ryan-O’neil


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