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Over on the @brightestyoungthings instagram we’ve been going live every single day with a variety of super key and important content featuring faces from our community you want to see and spend time with during this difficult time – so far we’ve met adoptable pups each week, worked out our abs, and so so so much more. You’re not going to want to miss out on what we have coming up this next week.

Including, next Sunday 5/31 (so kind of next week) – Smithsonian’s Project Pride on YouTube (so not on our IG live, but one we are producing!)

For the MOST up to date information join us on the @brightestyoungthings instagram.


Monday 5/25



Tuesday 5/26

12pm – BYTLive: Going to the Dogs with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue
Join us as we visit with an adoptable dog and their foster parent, all while learning more about the dog/ how to adopt/ become a foster parent/ all the things!  Find out more about Lucky Dog here.
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Wednesday 5/27

10am – BYTLive: Work It Out with Tim Williams of Equinox and Orange Theory Fitness
Join us for a live work out! For the past two weeks we’ve done everything from a 30 min HIIT class to a 15 minute ab class. Support Tim here.
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5:00pm – QuaranQueen: “Betty Black”
Join Naomi Campbell and Mr. Rodgers son as he takes over the live stream and gives us a rare look into his inner workings.
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Thursday 5/28

12:00pm – BYTLive: Walk with Locals Community Sessions
Join Carl Maynard of Walk with Locals for a live community update with a special guest each week. Past guests have included Creative Theory’s Tamon George, NBC News’ Frank Thorp V, and artist Kelly Towles.
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7:30pm – QuaranQueen: “Ruth Reads the Classics”
Join Queen Ruth Allen Ginsburg as she reads us a wonderful bedtime story. Grab a pillow, some snacks, and snuggle up with your phone. Support Ruth here.
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Friday 5/29

2:00pm – Full Body Workout with Mere Chambers
Get ready for the weekend with a full body workout with lululemon / CutSeven/ personal trainer Mere Chambers! No equipment required but last week she had us all throw on a weighted backpack and our legs are still recovering.
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3:30pm – Weekly Wind Down with the Glow Club – SLEEP
Spending more time trying to fall asleep rather than actually sleeping? You’re not alone. Join The Glow Club for tricks you can try to flip the switch and guide your body into a safe shutdown mode.
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5:00pm -BYTLive: Happiest Hour with Chad Drummond
Join Please Bring Chips’ co-founder Chad Drummond for a Friday evening cocktail class! In lieu of tips, Chad has asked that people show their support by donating to the Mess Hall member fund here.
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See you there!

BYT makes our living off of things that are currently non-existent as a source of income (arts, events, arts and event advertising). If you’d like to support the work we do, click here. Every little helps right now. Thank you.