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The undeniable allure of Kali Uchis is hard to articulate.

She’s obviously talented—in that genre-bending way that causes comment section flame wars—and she exudes that effortless cool that artists desperately try to replicate. It’s a killer combo that has piqued the interest of industry heavyweights like Diplo and Snoop Dogg.

Kali, who calls both Virginia and Columbia home, was nice enough to answer a few questions for BYT.


Photos by Ieva Sopaite

We tried to have our first interview only through emojis—which didn’t really work—so what emojis would you add that are currently missing which are crucial for life?

Definitely the middle finger…and a taco. There is definitely no Latin cuisine in there.

What’s your go-to emoji?

Hearts and the little blingy thing.

Snoop Dogg tweeted you recently, which is pretty epic. He seems like he would be a great guy to work with, but if zombies took over the world, do you think Snoop would be a good person to survive with?

Yea, he would be a great person to survive with. Obviously he will have a lot of weed and even though zombies are dead the smoke would probably confuse them so they wouldn’t know where they were going. Maybe they’d even get high and not be trippin’ anymore. Can you imagine that?

A bunch of high zombies?

This could be the next big video game: Zombie Life…with Snoop. Then you try to survive with Snoop Dogg against a zombie apocalypse with weed weapons. This is a million dollar idea.

I think I discovered a fatal flaw though. Wouldn’t the weed smoke make them more hungry?

But…oh man.

It could be pretty dangerous.

It could make them slower even though they are already slow. Maybe five times slower?

This sounds like some awful B movie where the hero’s survive with some weed cannon they create from scratch.

Snoop Dogg could even have a ton of catch phrases he uses when he throws blunt weapons at the zombies.

This movie basically writes itself.

I don’t think we should give too much away. Someone is going to steal this idea.

You direct most of your videos, right?

Yea, the only one I didn’t direct was the most recent one, “What They Say.”

If you could shoot a video anywhere, with anyone one in it, what would you do?

Oh man. Well, I’d definitely shoot it in Columbia. Obama would be in it, Jackie Chan would be in it, um…maybe Waka Flocka. No, nevermind. Gucci Mane, not Waka Flocka. And…probably Shakira. Then they would all hang out in Columbia on some rooftop.

I’d watch that video a billion times. Speaking of Obama, if you could live in the White House for a week and do any renovation you wanted, what would you do?

Interior or exterior?


Interior, it would all be pink and fuzzy. Oh! Then on the outside there would be a giant pink neon sign that said “White House.” There would  also be giant stuffed animals everywhere…as security guards.

Have heard of the U St Burrito?


A Ust Burrito is where you take a Jumbo Slice pizza and then you roll it around a Ben’s Chili Bowl chili dog.

[Disgusted silence]

Do you think you could eat one?

That sounds…amazing. I definitely could. I think I could eat anything.

What’s your go-to snack to eat?

Definitely either pizza or Chipotle. It’s kinda sad.

Wait, is the pizza wrapped around the Chipotle burrito?


Yea, instead of the Chipotle bowl I just use three slices of pizza and eat it right off the pizza.


That actually sounds pretty good. Relevant food segue: The first song I heard from you was “Table For Two” when you played at Half Baked. It’s fucking awesome and got stuck in my head, but it’s also obviously kind of sad. I’m assuming that’s about a specific guy. On a related note, in “What They Say,” in one of the first scenes you put a gun to some dude’s junk…


…is that about the same guy!? I’m assuming he deserved it.

“Table for Two” was actually something I filmed pretty quickly and put out there, but I really wanted “What They Say” to be much more cinematic. But, yeah putting a gun to a dude’s dick was pretty interesting. I feel like the symbolism of girls and guns is pretty powerful. I’m definitely all about female empowerment!