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San Francisco’s Tussle, comprised of two drummers, a bassist and a “knob twiddler”, play a danceable mix of dub, kraut, and funk. They’ve toured with diverse groups such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, eYe (Boredoms), Sunburned Hand of the Man, Deerhoof, Architecture in Helsinki and Outhud. They are opening for RATATAT’s super sold out show tonight so, we figured we’d rerun this listening party we did with them a whiles a way back. DEFINITELY COME EARLY FOR

Their new album Cream Cuts, produced by Thom Monahan (Vetiver, Brightblack Morning Light, Devendra Banhart) and featuring a guest spot from Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), came out last month and they were kind enough to give us a couple tracks with commentary, check em out:

“Titan” was from our first cream cuts recording session in November 2006. We recorded it in two sections and then put them together. We had been playing a version of this song for a few months, the last section (“drum madness”) really came to life in the recording process. We re-amped all the electronics and used subwoofer from a busted boombox to record the kick drum. For the second half we all played drums and percussion creating thick, swirling ocean of rhythm. Before mixing Titan we sent a rough mix to Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) to add to it. He sent a handful of very interesting overdubs (chimes, cymbals, bells, toms and gongs). We mixed them in and a ‘Titan’ was born.

“Transparent C” was recorded in three parts at different places at different times. We bounced several Logic sub-mixes and them pieced them together in Pro Tools. The foundation was recorded in Los Angeles. Most of the steel drum overdubs were recorded and mixed in San Francisco. The song has three stages, each is sort of liquidy and squishy, with a lot of visable and invisible layers…welcome to Transparent C.

“Meh-Teh” was the first song we wrote with our current lineup. It was also the first song to be released from Cream Cuts. We recorded 3 or four takes as Thom recorded and mixed ‘on-the-fly’ cutting inbetween the takes. Andy Cabic and Thom Monahan did the final mix in LA. We released it as a 7” with Tomlab with a YACHT bouncey, hyper dance remix on the B side. “Meh-Teh” is what the Himalayan version of Yeti or Abdominal Snowman, I think it loosely translates to mean “Wild Man”.

“Third Party” was recorded during our mixing session at the Hangar in Sacramento. It is based around an organ piece that Jonathan composed on the spot. Thom plays ring modulator and Tomo is sweeping the floor and plays prepared piano near the end. The entire piece was 15 minutes long, Thom cut it up and pieced it together in a neat little package. ‘Third party’ and ‘Personal Effects” contain no drums and serve as a kind of counter-points to ‘groovers’ on the rest of the album.


Once again, we have a pair of tickets to give away for the Taxlo/Baltimore show, just comment below and let us know you want them!