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It’s the end of the year, which means everyone and their mother has come out with their Best Of 2013 lists, and I ALMOST got away with avoiding it.

I mean let’s face it, at this point these things are kind of an annoying inevitability. EVERYONE has a list, they’re all roughly the same, and it’s just a way for us writers to tout our like so cool music taste. On the plus side though, for those people with lives, it’s a nice way to play catch-up with the year in music.

So when All Things Go decided to put together a Writer’s Choice Best of 2013 list, I was forced to weigh in to help prevent it being composed entirely of St. Lucia and RAC songs. I proudly tried my best to not do too much research when thinking about my list so that it was based off gut feeling, and the end result, while probably imperfect, is something I’m pretty happy with (until I realize in a few hours that I forgot _______ by _____ and want to slap myself).

And I have even better news…

As I hinted at last week, my girlfriend finally won and I joined the dark side/Spotify. I’m still not sold on it all, as my #1 song for 2013 isn’t available on it, but I guess it will do for now. This means you can now hear all the Tunes You Should Know wherever you go, which is truly a Christmas miracle.

You can start following that playlist when the inaugural link goes up next week, but the Tunes You Should F*cking Know’s Best of 2013 Spotify playlist is below, with available write-ups linked.



The Best 20 Songs of 2013:

1.  Chance the Rapper:  “Chain Smoker” (unavailable on Spotify, but you can DL his whole fantastic mixtape here)
2.  Twin Shadow:  “Old Love/New Love
3.  Joywave:  “Tongues
4.  San Fermin:  “Sonsick”
5.  Typhoon:  “Young Fathers
6.  Earl Sweatshirt: “Chum
7.  Sunboy:  “Highway Screamin’” (unavailable on Spotify but you can check it here)
8.  Rhye:  “Open
9.  Haim:  “Send Me Down
10.  Mesita:  “Hostages
11.  Vampire Weekend:  “Step
12.  James Blake:  “Retrograde”
13.  Kanye:  “Blood on the Leaves”
14.  Torres:  “Honey” (really I mean the OurVinyl live session version of the song, which you can find here)
15.  The Dismemberment Plan:  “Invisible
16.  Drake:  “Hold On, We’re Going Home”
17.  Jamaican Queens:  “Kids Get Away”
18.  Diarrhea Planet:  “The Sound of My Ceiling Fan
19.  Run The Jewels:  “Run The Jewels” (unavailable on Spotify, but you can download it here)
20.  Daft Punk:  “Lose Yourself to Dance

Honorable Mentions:
Little Green Cars:  “Kitchen Floor
The Naked And Famous:  “I Kill Giants
The National:  “Don’t Swallow The Cap”
Autre Ne Veut:  “Counting
Fryars:  “Cool Like Me
Lorde:  “Royals” (written in May because I’m psychic: “It’s just a matter of time before we won’t be able to escape this strikingly pretty (is it legal for me to say that?) New Zealander. Be prepared.”)

And now, it’s time for a VERY special edition of…


Editor’s Note: In case my 20 some odd songs weren’t enough for you, here are some recap lists put together by a few former Guest Writers You Should Fucking Know: 

Corbin Cones from The Hy.Gen.Ic:

First and foremost, shout out to my ninja turtle, Bryce, and the Brightest Young Things camp for appreciating my musical palate. I think it’s safe to say that we both hear colors and see sounds. Collaborations are always fun, especially as the internet continues to grow larger and our precious lives become conveniently organized and filed perfectly into the Cloud (more like some data center in Nebraska).

Adam Sharp from SongsForTheDay:

40 of my favorite songs from 2013 via 8 Tracks.

(If you don’t know what 8 Tracks is, put it on your phone and use it. It’s a fantastic way to discover new music and find out that there’s a shitty goth cover of nearly everything. -ed)

All Things Go’s Writers’ Picks:



If you/someone you know is up for the task of writing non-sequitered musical ramblings, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected], tell me I look pretty, and convince me why you should be a Guest Writer We Should Fucking Know.