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Overloaded by all the “new music” options you keep hearing about? We’re here to help.  Here’s five songs we think you should fucking know (this week).  Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments too!

As we all cling to the last vestiges of summertime (howisitAugust?), please enjoy the following newest of jams designed to keep you happy this week in the cube / on the porch / by the pool with your lemonde plus.

Shark Week!  During Shark Week!  What else do you really need?  If You Want Me to Stay (for a while) is the first release from one of DC’s finest bands, who (thankfully) finally “managed to record a three-song EP.”  Layering surf electric guitar, rock and roll drums, and doowop vocals, this garagey track reflects just how down right talented and awesome the members of Shark Week are.  Plus, lead singer Ryan Hunter Mitchell can wail serious AND give you a sexy haircut, which just puts us all to shame. (Click the link above to hear the track or check out the sampler below):

Come on down to the release party this Friday, August 10th @ Monsterrat House – with Blackberry Belles, Jeremy Teter & DJ sets by BROS (aka sometimes BROADS, duh)!  Doors @ 10pm $8.50 presale, $10 at the door.  So get your act together and CELEBRAGE with us.

Ticket link: http://sharkweekmusic.eventbrite.com/

  • Jeremih f. Gucci Mane & 2 Chainz, “Outta Control”

“Outta Control” is the preview track from the freshly dropped mixtape Late Nights with Jeremih and just brings it.

Outta Control Feat. Gucci Mane & 2 Chainz (Prod. KB) by OfficialJeremih

  • Busy P, “Musica Para Tu Autoradio (Summer 2012 selecta)”

From the producer of Daft Punk comes this bumpin’ summer mix.  I like to think Busy P’s Musica Para Tu Autoradio would play on the spaceship you take from a relaxing Miami vacay  to an exploratory trip to Mars.  Put this on when your friends and/or cowokers need to zone their shit off.
Busy P “Musica Para Tu Autoradio” (Summer 2012 selecta) by edbangerrecords

  • Kilo Kish, “Watergun”

Some experimental hip-hop for your mind from Kilo Kish, produced by The Internet (aka Syd tha Kyd and producer Matt Martians from the OOFWGKTA collective).  Watergun is a tricky mix of bossa nova melodic samples, bells, conversations, beats, vocal harmonies, poetic verse and rap chants woven together to sink you into an adolescent, last-days-of-summertime-before-school-starts daze.  Check out Kilo’s “HomeschoolEP” mixtape, released last April for more word and beat play.

Watergun (Produced by The Internet) by Kilo Kish

Kids these days.

  • David Byrne & St. Vincent, “Weekend in the Dust”

Preview track from David Byrne and St. Vincent’s upcoming album, Love This Giant, out on September 10th.  SO EXCITED.  Get Byrnefunky at the 2:08 mark, y’all.


  • Dum Dum Girls, “Lord Knows” – 8 days old


Lead singer Dee Dee sings the toughest, most lovestruck lyrics that almost overwhelmingly articulate the complexities of loving someone with all your heart.  The intensity and beauty of Lord Knows is equally reflected in its floaty melodic presentation, which is a lovely, dreamy, yet painful ballad.  Good lord, this hits home.  From the upcoming Dum Dum Girls’ EP, End of Daze, out September 25th.

  • Tame Impala, “Elephant” – 15 days old

Psychedelic guitars and keyboards, singing ‘bout trippy dreams and elephants, chanty rock drum and bass?  Sign my ass up!  Extra points for sounding like The Beatles & Sabbath had a lovechild.