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While the #TRUEDETECTIVESEASON2 meme was all fun and games, we’ve been anxiously awaiting some–any–news of the next season’s cast with bated breath. We spent a good eight-or-so hours glued to our TVs (there may have even been organized BYT True Detective viewing parties) and even wrote a speculation piece about the sophomore season’s best bets for our viewing pleasure. Lo and behold, we got it right; according to numerous sources, Jessica Chastain was just offered the leading role. From the desks of BYT last March:

“As far as our new True Detectives, I can picture a male/female duo replacing Rust and Marty in an attempt to neutralize season one’s misogyny–or at least address it directly. Wishful thinking begs Giancarlo Esposito and Jessica Chastain.”

And while it seems Brad Pitt might be involved as well (and as much as we’d love to see Esposito in there), The Nerdist’s reporting a female-heavy cast. Naturally we went ahead and drafted a list of our ultimate dream ladypartners for Chastain’s TD mission should she choose to accept it, but hey–Brad Pitt’s not too bad on the eyes, either.

1.) Toni Collette
This woman’s tried-and-true acting chops have proven time and again that she’s the woman for the role (or really any role, for that matter). Her comedic background could very well compliment Chastain’s grit, though we all know Collette’s capable of spitting just as much venom.
2.) Tilda Swinton (REDHEAD PARTY)
Just imagine how meticulous and even terrifying Tilda would be tracking down a killer. Picture her beautiful alien face, those piercing eyes carefully piecing together a mystery. Picture her earnestness in a Chastain good cop/bad cop scenario.
3.) Amy Adams (REDHEAD PARTY 2)
It’s impossible to overlook the Amy Adams adorable factor and sure, she starred in a Muppet movie and a live-action fairy tale but maybe True Detective is just what we need to get more of her darker side. (We saw you in The Master, girl, and we want MORE.)
4.) Rachel Griffiths
There is something undeniably tough about Rachel Griffiths and her on-camera charisma could capture any audience (and it has, primetime or no). We all know this HBO veteran is willing to go just about anywhere for a role; let’s not forget how we first met Brenda on Six Feet Under: fucking Nate, a total stranger, in a closet at the airport. Let’s bring that adventurous spirit to TD, OK, Rachel?

5.) Lupita Nyong’o
Is there anyone more popular and more beloved in the current leading lady line-up? She’s vulnerable but strong, carrying a natural intensity we’d love to see balance Chastain’s own stellar abilities. No, you know what? For the sake and safety of the universe, maybe this shouldn’t happen. We don’t know if the world is ready.


Let’s now open the floor to discussion: Who’d make the best #TrueDetectiveSeason2 partner for the Zero Dark Thirty star? Let us know in the comments.