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So, everyone by now knows that, after seemingly endless speculation, True Detective Season 2 will feature Vince Vaughan and Colin Farrell. Everyone knows this because the press release went out an hour and a half a go and Twitter caught wind of it a hour and twenty nine and a half minutes a go and writing anything about it is seemingly pointless because EVERYONE KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT AND HAS KNOWN ALL ABOUT IT FOR THE LAST HOUR AND TWENTY EIGHT MINUTES.

So on top of that SO, what is the internet to do… do REACTION POSTS TO THIS, NATURALLY.

We polled some of our writers on this and here are some of our story idea suggestions, and feel free to add yours in the comments. #TEAMWORK.

  • gif reaction piece but it’s gifs of Owen Wilson reacting to not doing a thing with Vince Vaughn.


  • a post that’s Nicolas Cage being outraged that he wasn’t cast and taking sideways shots at True Detective 2 as having the hallmarks of a Nicolas Cage film.


  • Another angle is the “Hey, remember when Vince Vaughn was creepy once?” then we talk about his experience as a character actor in the mid-90s (Clay Pigeons, Psycho, etc).


  • the classic “Colin Farrell eyebrows of disbelief at his LUCK” story