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So, as we’ve told you, Trillectro is coming back to DC and we couldn’t be more excited! Know what’s making us even more excited?? The fact that we have no idea who the headliner is going to be! AAAGGGGHHHH!!!! The suspense is nearly killing us and it’s certainly killing our manicures!


If you want to find out who’s playing Trillectro before anyone else, you’re going to want to sign up for the Trillectro Thunderclap campaign. But how do we quell some of this burning suspense? With some wild-ass speculations, that’s how!

Potential Headliners:

Azealia Banks


Perhaps nobody further encompasses the spirit of Trillectro more than Miss Banks. That spirit being powerful hip-hop lyrics that can blend well with electro mixes. Plus, with all the attention surrounding her as of late, it’d be no wonder if the guys over at Trillectro gave her a call.

Juicy J.


The world is loving Juicy J right now like college girls love Adderall. Trippy lyrics, twerky beats, and a diverse fan-base could all add up to center stage at this year’s Trillectro for the Maestro Juicy.

Childish Gambino


For as long as he’s kept the world waiting for a new official album, keeping us company at Trillectro would be the least he could do. In addition to being hilarious and having a face I want to inhale, the Great Gambino’s frankness on his tracks and distinct sound make him a prime contender for the headlining spot at the show. With all the diversity he brings both in his lyrics and his collaborations, Trillectro could be the perfect spot for him to unveil some new projects. Also, maybe he’ll bring Beck. #SilkPillowForThatNewWeave

Iggy Azalea


The Australian rapper with a southern twang is another likely artist to be featured. Despite (or perhaps because) of her relative newness on the scene, the public is excited to see what all the rapper/model can bring to the table. Showcasing her talents at Trillectro would be a far cry from an odd decision.

A$AP Rocky


Because why not, that’s why. It makes perfect sense that members of the A$AP Mob would at least operate on a buddy system, and how better to promote safety than through the power of music? A$AP Rocky’s music has always had a feel that could easily bend genres, and experimenting with this theory at Trillectro could only prove fruitful. From the older Pe$o-esque tracks to his Live.LoveA$AP days of Goldie, a little electro might push him over the edge to waters only the likes of the truly genius and insane can weather.

Fat Trel


My last guess, and I think a pretty solid one, local artist Fat Trel will be the one chosen for the coveted headlining spot. Why, you may ask. Well, for starters, he’s got a fan base that’s extending far beyond the borders of the DMV. Secondly, he’s already making a mark on the collective mainstream hip-hop consciousness, teaming up with such acts as Wale at Wale’s recent show at the Howard Theatre. And finally, with his recent snubbing from XXL’s Freshman Class (when have they ever gotten it completely right?), Trel has more to prove now than ever. Showing up and destroying a genre blending venue like Trillectro would be the perfect place to do it. That’s my guess, anyway.

So, what do you think? Anybody you think I missed, yell at me in the comments about it (or use your inside voice), and let me know why. If I think its valid, I probably won’t take any action as a result, but you can rest easier deep down knowing that you likely made an internet writer cry.