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All Words: Colin Bishop

Yesterday was Gay Thanksgiving; did you celebrate? Ok, fine. You get a pass this year. I just invented it today,* so I guess I can’t really blame you for not celebrating yesterday.

Here’s the deal going forward: every year, the Thursday before National Coming Out Day will be Gay Thanksgiving. We will get together with our gays and allies to take one day to celebrate how far we’ve come and say thanks for all the people who have led us here. It’s just like Thanksgiving, but with fewer carbs.

We will say thanks to Ellen Degeneres, Brenda Howard, and Frank Kameny. We will say thank you to Harvey Milk. We will celebrate that I can get MARRIED in our nation’s capitol and my friends back in Illinois can’t be fired from their jobs for being transgender.

Pollyannaish? Maybe, but life is getting better. It’s getting better because of the hard work of people that came before us. And thanks to them, we get to enjoy a pretty sweet life.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched and cried as I learned of yet another LGBT kid who decided that life was just too miserable to live another day. Just in September four gay teenagers committed suicide.

These kids need to know that LGBT adults across the country are leading amazing lives. We made it. I don’t mean amazing because we’re all famous interior decorators with shows on Bravo. We’re not. Our lives are amazing because we have fulfilling jobs, great friends, family, and kids.

TONIGHT, my friends and I are taking advantage of how great our lives are here in DC, and hosting a fundraiser for the Trevor Project. (Details here: bit.ly/WeMadeItDC – Hope to see you tonight!) When LGBT kids are at their lowest low, the Trevor Project is there with an around-the-clock hotline to tell them that their lives will get better. If you want to share how your life got better, Dan Savage just launched the aptly named “It Gets Better Project.” You can upload your videos and share your story with kids who need to hear it. (ed. note – the BYGays are working on a vid! Get ready!)

It’s true: rainbow unicorns don’t frolic on the Mall and the G2 MetroBus doesn’t shoot glitter out of its exhaust pipe. We’ll put those on the list for the next Gay Thanksgiving. We’ve got 364 days to fight to make things even better than they are now.

* It’s hard to believe that I’m really the very first person who thought of this, but I Googled and it doesn’t seem like anyone else is pushing the idea.