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al·tru·ism – noun \ˈal-trü-ˌi-zəm\

1: unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others
2: behavior by an animal that is not beneficial to or may be harmful to itself but that benefits others of its species


While the very definition of altruism hinges on unselfishness, every so often in life we’re all faced with situations that enable both thoughtfulness for others and some personal gain. It’s these win/win scenarios we love the most and, today, we learned of a new one we couldn’t wait to share with you.

Maybe you saw BYT style editor Kate Greene in a stunning ad for Saint Clair Jewelry last year, or you’ve been lusting after SCJ’s handmade stone and metal pieces online (we’ve been starstruck over both). We’re sad to report that the D.C. brain behind the beauty, designer Cameron Archer, lost almost everything last week when an electrical fire tore through her apartment. Luckily she and her roommates escaped (with dog in tow) though it does hinder her gorgeous Saint Clair line. Enter our friends at Panda Head Magazine, who’ve crafted some lovely necklaces for $10 that benefit Saint Clair Jewelry, 100 percent.


These limited-edition wooden necklaces are each made from a slice of sourced wood, hand-sanded, drilled, and strung on a length of knotted, light-gold silk cord; you can even order with or without paint. Thirty are hand-painted with a unique design–with either magenta or mustard-colored acrylic paint; 70 were left natural, to feature the beautiful wood-grain and color.To order from this series and buy/support local, you can click right over here for natural and here for painted. Being a do-gooder never felt so stylish.