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Transatlantic at DC9 Saturday night was another classic from the People’s Champion. Replete with a hip hop act I didn’t get the name of and the ever photogenic Sir StereoFaith, the kids were dancing again. Big ups to the new addition of VJ Snack Time (formerly VJ J) for providing the awesome video feed, the welcome addition added new kinds of entertainment to an already titillating evening. By the way people, in case you didn’t know, mohawks and fanny packs are back with a vengeance.



08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-044 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-059

08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-064 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-022 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-040 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-052 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-018

08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-020 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-030 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-048 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-053 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-001 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-067 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-016 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-043 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-075 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-041 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-063 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-069 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-012 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-036 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-057 08_5.10_Transatlantic@DC9-079

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