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It’s time to get in shape for the worst race you’ll ever run. And by worst we don’t mean bad, we mean it’s barely a race. The DC Fray 0.5K Underachiever’s “Run” is for the lazy at heart and body. I’m pretty sure my 7-11 is 0.5 kilometers from my house and everything you’ll need to train for this “race” is at 7-11. The, pft, “run” is Saturday November 10 so that doesn’t give you a ton of time to do the bare minimum to prepare. So stretch out…on your couch…and get started.

The Proper Workout Gear is ESSENTIAL

Early Risers Get It Done!

Training Is Always More Fun With Friends

It’s Important To Maintain a Good Diet

Always Stretch Before Exercising

Map Out Your Training Course

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Before the Race

Don’t Run on an Empty Stomach!

Pace Yourself!

Congratulations! You Did It! Time to Celebrate!