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YOU GUYS. I am beyond-beyond stoked to be able to premiere RVBY MY DEAR’s “10:17”, largely because I have been wanting to shout from the rooftops how good I think it is, but have had to wait until this exact moment to do that. So, HERE IS ME DOING THAT NOW! SHOUTING FROM THE INTERNET-ROOFTOPS THAT THIS IS A VERY, VERY SOLID TUNE THAT IS MY NEW AFTER-DARK ANTHEM!

RVBY MY DEAR (Gabbi Coenen) is Brooklyn-based by way of Australia, and “10:17” is the first track of her forthcoming debut LP, which is due out this fall. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“The earliest version of what became  ’10:17′ was written at the beginning of 2015, over a few very late winter nights. At the time I was in a transition period both with my music and my personal life, though there’s so much overlap between the two I don’t really differentiate them. I spent about six months waiting for an immigration visa renewal, which was fraught with complications, during which time a lot of the lyrical content of my upcoming record was written as little fragments that I combined with music later. The song’s title refers to the time the stadium lights around the McCarren Park running track turn off at night, which I could see from my living room window. I spent many nights watching them switch off at exactly the same time, feeling uninspired and blocked, and a little worthless as an artist. I needed to get something down, so the repetitive lyrics and Casio bell motif acted almost as a mantra or inner monologue while I was fleshing out the arrangement. It’s a very internal song, reflecting those long quiet nights spent waiting for something that feels like it might never arrive, whether it’s creative inspiration or external approval.”

Give it a listen below, get as hype as I am, and then hit up Good Room on Wednesday, April 19th for a celebratory performance! You can also catch RVBY MY DEAR at C’mon Everybody in June.