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Super stoked to premiere a brand new track this morning!

Make No Mistake” is off Glassio’s forthcoming debut LP, For The Very Last Time, which is slated to be out in full on July 23rd. It’s an airy, dreamy tune – melancholic but hopeful, contemplative but dance-worthy, minimal but meaningful.

The song is the product of a difficult period in the songwriter-producer’s life, one in which he was feeling disengaged, isolated and anxious; although it was written in a very specific moment, “Make No Mistake” feels eerily prescient in challenging times like these.

“I was having a hard time getting out of bed towards the end of 2018 and facing everyday life. My anxiety was starting to go through the roof and daily tasks like taking the subway started to become difficult. The seed for the song came from wanting to talk about those feelings and I wanted to write a song that could get me moving.”

In fact, the subway had quite an impact on the song’s construction; “I wanted it to mimic the feeling of being on the subway in New York, standing waiting for the train, stopping, switching trains. That was the blueprint I had in mind for the arc of the song,” the Queens-based artist says.

(I personally never thought I’d feel nostalgic for the MTA, but I’d give pretty much anything to be back on the train now, gazing out the window or people-watching to the tune of this song. For now, my living room will have to do.)

Check out the track right here, and mark your calendar for July 23rd to grab For The Very Last Time in full:

Featured photo by Rachel Cabitt


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