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LA-based songstress Diamante will release her brand new track “Sleepwalking” tomorrow, but we’re amped to be premiering it on BYT today! This one follows her debut single, “Coming In Hot“, which gained a ton of buzz, and rightfully so; she’s breathing fresh life into rock, and we can’t wait to hear her debut LP in 2018!

Here’s what Diamante has to say about “Sleepwalking”:

“’Sleepwalking’ is the augmented supernatural version of a post-psychologically gut-wrenching heartbreak. It’s about being so completely immersed by the loss that their presence is felt everywhere, even physically. It’s a sinister heightened reality where the only means of escape are by living in the numb in-between world of wake.”

Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out right here, right now: