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It’s flippin’ cold out there, so I vote we all cozy up to (semi-ironically named) Cold Weather Company’s brand new track, “Birds on a String”! It’s a stunner off the Jersey trio’s forthcoming record (Find Light), which is slated to be released on the 25th, and you’ll be able to hear it LIVE when they play Mercury Lounge on the 23rd.

Here’s what CWC’s own Brian Curry has to say about the tune:

“In the quieter hours of life, when we sometimes feel we’re caught, or stagnant, the mind tends to cast itself back into memories. We analyze long-lost moments and connections, wondering what could have been if our actions were different. In a way, we become captives to our past, tethered to our memories like birds on a string. There is a fine line between reverie and regret, and the play between the two became the core focus for ‘Birds on a String’. 

The song travels through different moments in my life that have often seeped into my present thoughts—sometimes in a positive light, and others not so much. When reverie turns to regret, one needs to make peace with that episode to avoid damaging his or her present.  The dramatic ending of the song is meant symbolize the jolts that often pull us from our daydreams, freeing us from the burdens we often make of our pasts. Elements of this concept are explored further in a few other songs on the album, notably ‘Reclamation’, ‘Mount Desert Island’, and ‘Slate House’.”

I think you’re REALLY GONNA LOVE IT, so without further adieu, I give you “Birds on a String”!

Photo credit Adele Sakey