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a place both wonderful and strange are back from tour, and they were kind enough to send over a playlist of all the tunes that sustained them on the road! Get ready to live semi-vicariously by putting that on, and read the band’s commentary below. (And dear Bass Pro…probably sponsor their next tour.)

FIRST, some contextual notes from APBWAS:

Daniel is in the band Mevius and joined us on guitar for the last few shows.

We have an EP coming out soon called “The CIty Smells Like Cat Spit”, which we recorded in Pittsburgh, produced, mixed and mastered by Daniel Kasshu of Mevius (he joined us on guitar for the last few shows), which features “remixes and studio versions of live versions of old songs”.

The pyramid was the bass pro shop mall hotel in Memphis.

Here’s the playlist:

And here’s the commentary by the a place both wonderful and strange touring unit:

Take A Picture (Filter)

Russ: I’m not sure I should really say how we ended up listening to this song. I will say: I didn’t know it had fuck all to do with airplanes.


Kei: will always think of it fondly as “The dad song” and although that may sound vague and apply to many songs it’s really an apt description.

Daniel: there are so many weird memories and associations with this song. so. many.

Life Is A Highway (workout remix)

Russ: It seems like every year there’s one absolutely ridiculous track we end up fixating on. This year, that came about when we heard this song playing in a Hooters (my first Hooters experience! my first Breastaurant experience! It was decidedly OK!) and I wondered, aloud, “I wonder if there are any remixes of Life is a Highway”. Whelp.

Laura: Riding it all night long is kind of my thing.

Kei: And this was just one of the many remixes of this we heard. I. Didn’t think there would be many, or any like this, was proven wrong.

Daniel: i don’t understand how or why this exists.

Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf)

Russ: This is Laura’s fault, she’s the truck freak.

Laura: I listened to this song no less than 17 times, bopping around with my headphones on at the largest truck stop in Iowa where we took a 40 minute break. Then I insisted we listen to it in the car and it made Kei go ballistic and turn onto a one way street in pursuit of the thrill of the open road, baby!

Kei: somehow on all of Laura’s music picks I did small driving oops. What does this mean?

Daniel: born to be mild.

Ghost Town (Kanye West)

Russ: 070 Shake’s hook in this song is massive. MASSIVE. Ended up incorporating it as an intro to our cover of “Hurt” on tour.

Laura: This song is the 2 minutes a day I get of not feeling like I’m going to actually die of heartbreak.

Kei: this started a deep serious discussion on at what temperature would a stove have to be to make you bleed and sometimes I still wonder if there’s a proper answer to this.

Daniel: but, like, how does one bleed from touching the stove? we actually talked at length about this and, like, it doesn’t seem to be that likely unless your stove is reeeeaaaaally sharp. also, i got stuck singing a minor third above the chorus every time this played in the vehicle because it just made sense in my head like that.


Russ: Heard this record for the first time a couple days after it came out (maybe the day after) in a shitty hotel gym where I planked to the whole thing. Cue Laura and I texting the tour group thread between the hotel gym and the hotel pool “KIDS SEE GHOSTS IS AMAAAAZING”


Kei: even after hearing the official song so many times the, “I can still feel the love” part belongs to Russ and Laura already wrote out her part which she would always do without fail when Russ said that line.


It’s a Departure (The Long Winters)

Russ: The Mcelroy Brothers are not experts. Fucking clearly, because this song is trash.

Laura: It’s kind of like if barenaked ladies met the replacements but yeah.

Kei: I think in this week’s episode they tried to say positive things about this song while also saying yea it’s not for everyone. To which I’m like… but you guys honestly like it?¿?

Daniel: this song has…. so many things about it that i just, like, don’t find enjoyable. we listened to that mbmbam podcast so much, this song was perpetually stuck in all of our heads, despite the lack of enjoyment of it. i think we were experiencing musical stockholm syndrome.

Thrift Shop (Macklemore)

Russ: I don’t even know. I’ve never heard this song before.

Laura: Another thing I thought would torture us in the car, I recommend the kids bop rendition.

Kei: kinda had forgotten about Macklemore until this song came on.

Daniel: the kidz bop version wasn’t as weird or painful as i hoped, like, it was basically the same as the original.

rockstar (Post Malone)

Russ: The story here starts with the next song, and with Laura realizing there were a small handful of songs we were used to hearing every day in New York that we hadn’t heard at all. This one and Plain Jane, namely.

Laura: I felt homesick for the songs that are always on in the Ubers in New York.

Kei: I’ve been in the hills.

Daniel: i been in the hills f_ckin (insert word here followed by distorted bass drop)

Plain Jane (A$AP Ferg)

Russ: See Above

Laura: black ice air fresheners, small bottles of water, someone asking me why I’m going to La Guardia without any luggage.

Kei: actually never heard this song cause I don’t take ubers, I am the uber (except not lol)

Daniel: sounds like brooklyn.

No More Parties in LA (Kanye West)

Russ: Scary

Laura: scary

Kei: Scary

Daniel: scary

The Middle (Zedd)

Russ: This was the one song we realized that we were still hearing, every day, multiple times a day. It haunts me. Like the most beautiful dream and the most terrible nightmare, all at once.

Laura: I fucking hate this song and Russ keeps making it play everywhere

Kei: This was a Daniel pick, but solely so he could change up the lyrics to something more suited for him.

Daniel: why don’t you just yeet me in the middle?

Dream On (Robyn)

Russ: Robyn is my best friend.

Laura: we actually cover this now and it makes me feel sad and happy and hopeful.

Kei: I now strictly associate Robyn with Russ.

Daniel: robyn <3

Rock and Roll All Nite (KISS)

Russ: This is really Daniel’s song.

Laura: You’re now tuned in to the best rock hits of the 80’s, 90’s and mostly the 80’s!!!

Kei: I loved Laura hosting the best of rock hits hour in the car, we needed a little music change up after the 40th or so hour in the car

Daniel: (and part of every day)