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Somewhere along the Top Chef Just Desserts way I got a teeny bit detached. Almost the opposite of what normally happens happened: I enjoyed the early, crowded episodes better and then, as the numbers and characters dwindled down I continued to watch because I wanted to know who would win and who would lose, but everyone did seem talented and not too horrible so I did not have any strong feelings as to who I would be rooting for (even Danielle and her wiggly nose ways grew on me).

So, I’ll keep it short and basically we can all just focus on the comments after, cool?

Anyway, before this episode Gan, BYT Summer Intern #1 who is currently not here in body but definitely in spirit, sent me a note that said:

First and most importantly, will Yigit win? He has to. Morgan’s evil empire cannot prevail.

And, spoiler alert, YIGIT DID WIN.

Now, I know the general BYT population really wanted Yigit to win and Morgan to lose, but, why? I mean, I know he is cute and gay and has rosy cheeks and hard abs and seemed to be making some pretty magical desserts early on but much like everyone else he lost his stride towards the end, turned into a whiny bitch and in general, underperformed.

Morgan, yes, was kind of alpha male and at times seemed over-confident, but for the most part he kept his standards up, and won the most challenges. In the end, I was sort of sad to see he lost.

But I am sure you fair commentators have all sorts of more useful opinions than this.

so….HOW WAS IT FOR YOU? and, more importantly, HOW STOKED ARE WE FOR TOP CHEF ALL STARS? I’m going to blog the beeeeejesus out of that, I promise.