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Frankly-last night was the last night of my 20s and while I tried to do the right thing and watch Top Chef DC to recap it for you I was taken to Bourbon ahead of time, poured a disproportionate amount of kumquat coolers (deeeeeeelicious!) and had nothing but those delicious sweet chips of theirs for dinner so by the time I stumbled in front of my DVR (after being sung “Happy Birthday” to in 4 languages by people I just met) – it was all a bit of a blur.

So-here is what I remember and you can help fill in the blanks in the comments, deal?

  • Angelo is getting seriously creepy with Tamesha (can someone please explain to us what his deal is? he has a baby? he’s gay? he thinks girls are really hot? not that all of these are mutually exclusive but the man is one big greasy haired enigma)
  • Ed is head over heels in puppy love with Tiffany (“She just has this great laugh”)
  • and just as these two developments were starting to get interesting we were forced to watch this week’s (somewhat lackluster) challenges
  • Quickfire involved this sweet man who owns the Inn at Little Washington and looks like a cross between Dick Van Dyke and Joel Gray AND CRABS (cut to Angelo “I had crabs. So this brings back bad memories” WTF DUDE???)

  • Ed won the crab challenge. Good for him. Tiffany still probably won’t make out with his face though, no matter what.
  • The actual challenge seemed the EXACT OPPOSITE OF LAST WEEK’S BOILER ROOM AWESOMENESS: everyone works as a team to make a farm fresh family style dinner for 40 local chefs and farmers
  • There was 6 courses and 12 of them so they divided into 6 teams (same teams as last week-BORRRRRRRRING!)
  • Then they took them to a farm and they cooked. At this point I was handed another dark & stormy and I almost completely tuned out but still remember: some sort of a turnip vs. beet altercation, Kelly making dessert even though she didn’t have to, Amanda making some soup and claiming it was “better than progresso”, AND NOT MUCH ELSE.
  • In the end: Kevin, Kenny, Andrea and Kelly were in the top (as opposed to last week’s bottom) and Kenny’s couscous won (people love making couscous this season) and Tim, Andrea and Stephen (and his sad salad in a bowl) were in the bottom and the judges decided to cut Tim’s agony short and send him home. Amanda should have been the one to leave but you know, who’s asking me.

OK-I’m off to hydrate and decide what dress to wear today on my birthday. I’ll be back in full recap swing next week.

What did you all think?