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By Anastasia Kolobrodova

The two best pieces of media in 2014 were obviously the music video to the song “Blank Space” from Taylor Swift’s album 1989 and the book Gone Girl (which was actually written in 2012, but everyone read it in 2014, right?). Though both “Blank Space” and Gone Girl feature women who are openly psycho, they also play off of ideas of what a woman “should” be, and help us learn IMPORTANT FEMINIST LESSONS.

5. Use people’s misconceptions of you to your advantage.

Hey, you’re a woman, and the world thinks you are harmless, innocent, and picture perfect! But really you are actually very powerful, with the potential to be dangerous and wreak havoc/control others. Remember that you have that power, and use it across your life.


4. Sexual equality: See whoever you want for whatever reasons you want.

Pop music is rife with men talking about their past hookups, exes, and sexual conquests. But men don’t get to own free love and casual dating. T-Swift has a long list of ex-lovers, and she’s willing to add names to the list. As she should! Get it, grrrrrrl!

Amy Dunne also owns her sexuality. There are a number of different reasons one may choose to have sex — intimacy, fulfilling sexual needs, framing someone for a kidnapping. Your reasons can vary — ranging from kinky to normal to murderous. Just be aware of what they are (and stay safe out there…).


3. Embrace your feelings, act on them

Not getting what you want in the relationship? Stage a murder! Cut holes in his shirt!

Taylor Swift didn’t have time for playing games. When she has feelings she expresses them — ranging from happiness to rage to sadness. When Nick cheated on Amy, she was pretty grumpy about it (who wouldn’t be?)! But she harnessed that energy to achieve personal success.


2. Control your own destiny. Be goal-oriented. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Amy Dunne wasn’t happy with her situation. Her husband dragged her to Missouri, she was unemployed, and nothing was going her way. You know what you should do when you’re unhappy? Don’t complain, don’t mope around, but change your circumstances. Lists and lists and lists. If you can dream it, you make all the tables turn — as long as you have determination and drive. Amy Dunne has a hard task ahead of her in the whole framing her husband for her death and getting the hell out of Dodge thing, but she stuck to her plan even in the face of adversity and ultimately got exactly what she wanted.

Taylor Swift knows what the game is and she’s willing to play. Taylor Swift is in control. She knows when her relationship will end, but while she’s in it she’ll express her needs and hold her partner to a high standard. She can make a bad guy good for a weekend, and get millions of people to actually BUY AN ALBUM.


1. You can be cool without being a “cool girl.”

Amy grew up under the shadow and pressures of “Amazing Amy.” She felt that she needed to craft her identity to make people like her. When that didn’t work to her advantage, things got weird.

Taylor Swift sang, “Stolen kisses, pretty lies / You’re the King baby I’m your Queen / Find out what you want / Be that girl for a month.” She’s building that identity based on what she thinks some dude wants, but it ultimately leads to a break up.

Both Amy and Taylor craft a fake personality because they feel that it is advantageous to their current situation. It doesn’t actually work. Both realize that they’ll only achieve true success if they embrace who they truly are. Pretending to be cool doesn’t work. Be self-confident! Follow your interests! Be yourself! That’s cool.