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Top DC Local Artists and Albums of 2013 according to Chris Naoum of Listen Local First

GEMS “Medusa” EP

Beautiful Swimmers “Son”

The Walking Sticks “Send The Night”

Deathfix “Deathfix”

Paperhaus “Lo Hi Lo”

South Rail “South Rail” EP

The Morrison Brothers “State of the Union”

ACME “Synths, Beats, & Psychedelia”


Mission South “Migration Vol. 2”

Asheru “Sleepless in Soweto”

Oddisee “The Beauty in All”

Laura Tsaggaris “Everyman”

Cherry Tree “The EP”

Priests “Tape Two”

The Cowards Choir “Reunion” EP

Paint Branch “I Wanna Live”

Young Summer “Fever Dream” EP

Wale “The Gifted”

Vandaver “Oh Willie Please”