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words and photos by Dakota Fine

Toki Underground, a Japanese (via Taipei influence) ramen and dumpling shop, officially opens today on H street NE. Located above the Pug, look for the Japanese anime-inspired, blue flower logo on a door nestled between the pug and the barber shop next door.




Upstairs, the interior is painstakingly, purposefully kitschy, in a way that it almost looks like the editors of Giant Robot came in and picked out everything from the designer toys to the graffiti on the wall. Without ever having set foot in Japan, I think it is safe to say the place is effortlessly Japanese-American, in the best possible way.

DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-121 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-119


The beer selection features at least 7 beers you won’t find elsewhere in a DC noodle shop. All Asian imports, all but one Korean import (the OB) are from Japan.

DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-120 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-118

DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-103 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-102 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-101

With skate decks to rest your feet on, and Japanese pachinko games to set your bowl on as you eat at the bar, Toki Underground features no shortage of cool little details to admire, continually making the dining experience more authentic. There is definitely nothing else like this in DC.


But on to the food! The dumplings are delicious. I recommend fried for those who prefer crispy and greasy, but steamed is also an option — healthier if a bit more chaste. The ramen is salty and delicious, spicy if you’d like, and mostly pork-based, although there is one vegetarian broth based ramen as well. Presentation was delightful, and the service was attentive and accommodating, with a neighborhood-y kind of feel to it, you could tell everyone on the staff are (still) friends.





DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-149 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-145

DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-154 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-153 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-152

So go check it out for yourself. Chef Erik Bruner-Yang works from an open kitchen, you can watch him work his magic on your ramen, his time spent working in a Taiwanese Ramen shop has certainly paid off, the experience at Toki Underground is one of a kind, and worth coming back for.



DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-150 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-147


For the record, Jeff Jetton (BYT contributor, co-collaborator, and a dear friend of mine) along with a team of other investors have partnered to open this little gem on H street, so my opinion, though the unvarnished truth, is perhaps slightly biased. Nevertheless, seriously, this place is awesome. And on that note, I’ll leave you with a bunch of photos of the awesome collectible designer toys on display. Oishii!

DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-104 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-105 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-106 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-107 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-108 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-109 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-110 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-111 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-112 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-113 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-114 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-115 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-116 DF11_3.31_TokiUnderground-117

Toki Underground

1234 H Street NE

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