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We’ve spoken a bit about the  Save Our Stages campaign, but today NYIVA (New York Independent Venue Association) is calling for community action to support venues across the country, including DC.

Without an influx of federal funding, 90% of independent music venues across the nation will collapse before congress reconvenes in the fall. (Just let that horrifying projection sink in.)

Some more grim facts and figures for your consideration:

  • On average, a venue will need $300,000 to sustain itself if they are to remain closed until 2021. ($60 million for the industry in aggregate.)
  • In New York, specifically, an average venue already has $150,000 their landlord could claim in arrears and more than 80% of venues have no definitive arrangement with their landlords.
  • Live streaming has yet to become a viable source of revenue. The average venue’s monthly profit from F&B, live streams and merchandise comes out to $375 (after labor and cost of goods).


So what can you do? Nationally, over 1.5 million live music lovers have written letters to their elected officials via SaveOurStages.com, but it’s not enough. Our voices are powerful and we must ensure our elected officials do the work to rescue our favorite venues across the country. Take a minute today to support two industry-saving bills: the Save Our Stages Act and the Restart Act. And then spread the news so others can make their voices heard. This problem isn’t going to solve itself, and we’ve got to show up for the industry before it’s too late.