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As you may know by now Sticky Rice is kicking off its Karaoke night TONIGHT!.
To get everyone pumped and ready, we asked Andrew Herndon, who is going to be hosting this epic event series for:
a. some tips to a successful karaoke night
b. some of the songs he’d like to hear.
And he kindly obliged….so, without further a do:
Take it Away Andrew:

Sticky Rice in Richmond was the First Karaoke I ever attended! It was 2000, I was 20 and I snuck in early with my roomates who were older only to have a an amazing night that I don’t dare share online, needless to say It has a special place in my heart as being one of the best places to do karaoke!
DC has very few karaoke nights that are awesome, as a matter of fact, almost none (note I said almost I just don’t want to drop names on the other sweet karaoke spots in this blurb).
Now, I’m a big fan of karaoke, it’s kind of like being in a cover band that stars you and only has shows or practices when you feel like it… a killer front mans wet dream, or a place to start for those that never have been in bands…
I’ve been to karaoke joints all over the place and ran my share of them.
The only things I’ve learned are the lyrics to a lot of bad country songs, what songs i really hate, what gets the crowd off, and the following 5 necessities for a Knock-Down Drag-Out Wasted-ASS Mess-Of-A Rock n’ Roll Karaoke.
(that, my friends is the theme, and not the name)

Essentially there are a few factors that go into a super-killer Karaoke night:

5: BEER BEER BEER BEER BEER! There’s gonna be $3 dolla Tecate’s as well as PBR the official Beer of Richmond(pbrs are reg$$)!! Karaoke runs on beer, if you’re smart you’ll get there early enjoy sushi and drink beers so you can jam with me at the start… +I’ll be doing a shot giveaway song trivia thing!! (Where one person gets to jump the line sing the song and take a shot with me when they guess it right) I mean You only get better as you get wasted (at least in your mind) which brings me to…

4: The Crowd! Just because you aren’t singing doesn’t mean to you have to stick to yourself or to your table… like any show or party you’ll enjoy it more when you/it’s goin’ off- For example if someone’s droppin’ some Sussudio on the mic the last thing I wanna see you think is (in the Dave Chapelle white guy voice) “I’d feel more appropriate if he was playing I can’t dance”. ..that can’t happen, I want you to get out of your seat and yell the oh oh! part while pumpin a fist, slamming your Sapporo and losing the keys to your moms Subaru Shag’n Wagon. Admit it, you were born to rage, cause raging is what 20somethings do best!

3: A Good Host: I’m not gonna call myself the best in the biz, but a host that doesn’t suck, has all their teeth, and knows how to run a karaoke is important… I’ll break it down, A host has gotta be able to juggle the demands of the people not singing, keep the levels crucial for people that are singing, keep the music rocking in between songs, and generally get everyone pumped… it’s no small task and easy to let slip… but obviously the most important part of the flow of the night. There most likely will be some impromptu dance parties that can’t be avoided during the dj segways between singers.

2: Don’t be a pussy/but don’t be a dick… Pick out a song, grow some balls and sing, but don’t think because you look like you’ve done more H than Nikki Six that it will be ironic when you sing fucking meatloaf… it won’t be, it would be more ironic if you sung some Aaron Neville or Luther Vandross, so just be smart about it, nobody want’s to see you sucking at meatloaf, but everyone wants to see you sucking at a genre/song they/you know nothing about… (obviously someone out there knows those artists, it’s just an exercise in comparing irony) If you are fucking Good at meatloaf though, by all means bang that sucker out!

1: All of the Above… There’s really only those things, and having somewhere bangin’ to throw down at like a brand new restaurant with “Three Dollar Tecates,” A kickass host, a beer fueled crowd makin’ a ruckus and a sushi boat full of awesome jamz!!!

and now..

Here is a list of sweet jamz I endorse (more so for the dudes as the ladies didn’t end up as diverse) The book is a bazillion pages so I had no specific plan of attack – Just looking for awesome in all the right places… Seriously you can spend hours (on your day off) devouring it, also please somebody sing Todd Rundgren for real… and dress up like him too I would love that… so would the crowd…

also sweet you tubes of some songs below…

Krokus – Midnite Maniac
If you’ve never listened to Krokus than you need to, they are like the In Flames of Northern European Cock Rock… well not really but… they know how to party!

I bet you didn’t think you could sing a fucking Calvin Harris Song At Karaoke!!! -Acceptable in the 80’s = Also Acceptable @ Sticky Karaoke
Calvin Harris – Acceptable In The 80s

Lionel Richie Dancing on the Fuckin’ Ceiling!!! PS I love how they do the Bill and Teds future music hand spin move before Bill and Ted invented it… I think Rufus visited Lionel as well!!

Fannypack – Cameltoe!! nobody ever sings this!!! WHY??!! It was meant to be sung so much that I actually have to ban the shit out of it.

or Kick it old school w/ MC LYTE – Ruffneck

Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – This Song Is great, and it’s always a Dance Party the video is ultra hot too even though it was like 5 years ago now…

Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels -Seriously what a great song I think we might even have the Mad World Donnie Darko version as well… which as you know is one of the best songs to end a mixtape with…

Bjork – It’s Oh So Quiet – This song is for the firl that loves to change things up… Its so quiet and then so loud, everyone looks cute singing Bjork (if they can sing)

You Guessed it Possibly The Gayest Song Of all Time… and by that I mean Happy.

Todd Rundgren -Bang on The Drum All Day Live!